Absolutely yes! 100% premium silicone is used for our products and our vibrators are created in accordance with safety standards. Our products are tested and certified in accordance with European laws (all products have been certified with the CE mark according to the European EMC directives).

We suggest not to use silicone or oil-based lubricants together with our products as they may have negative reactions between them. If you want practical advice and suggestions on the use of our products, take a look at the product sheets.

Vibrators: As a general rule, vibrators are safe to use during non-risky pregnancies. However, because silicone is harder than flesh, we recommend avoiding deep penetration and favouring external stimulation. In any case, do talk to your doctor to receive the all-clear.

Supplements: Our supplements are safe to use during pregnancy, with the exception of Protect – UTI. As always, do talk to your doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

Choosing a sex toy for the first time can be very difficult. It’s even more confusing when you lack of experience and guidance. But that’s when we come to the rescue. To make your life easier, we have a special section for first-time users called, sex toys for first-timer which contains hand-picked toys selected by our editors for both men and women.

The answer to this question is hypothetical, but we assure you that sex toys make relationships fun-loving and interesting. They make your partner crave for more when you use them wisely and not overuse them to be dependent on them. Certain couples love kinky stuff while having sex as these toys help in discovering different spots and pleasures for each other. People can experiment with various ways of self-pleasure by using different types of vibrators, dildos, cock rings, and strokers. For sexual pleasure, the use of BDSM toys and couple vibrators can also give an unforgettable experience. Remember, good sex will make your life much more joyful because when our desires are achieved, the mind feels fresher, rejuvenated, calm, and happy. To ensure it is not affecting your relationship, all you need to ensure is that you are controlling your sex toy and not vice-versa.

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